Martha Stewart Shared A Pretty Dark Lobster Cooking "Hack" And I Feel Weird

    "If you were going to be boiled alive, wouldn’t you like to have a drink first?”

    Martha Stewart, everyone's favorite cooking mogul, shared what just might be the darkest cooking "tip" I've ever come across.

    During a Facebook Live video with Jennifer Garner, Stewart revealed her special "tip" for boiling lobsters alive (at about 21:45):

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    “I boil mine for about 15 minutes," Stewart said. "I put them in boiling water with vodka or tequila. I give them a drink."

    People obviously had opinions about this — and they questioned whether or not this is actually a more humane way of cooking lobsters. Some people (like PETA) were disturbed:

    Martha Stewart thinks adding vodka to the pot makes it okay to boil lobsters ALIVE. Why don’t you try it yourself, @MarthaStewart? No compassionate person would boil an animal alive.

    And others simply laughed at her tip — implying that the logic was faulty at best:

    Today's cooking LOL: Martha Stewart suggests adding 1/2 cup of vodka to the water you cook lobsters in: "to relax the lobster"

    To make things even weirder, it turns out that Stewart has killed other animals after feeding them vodka, too.

    So yeah, I'll just leave this information here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯