Martha Stewart Can Peel An Entire Head Of Garlic Within Seconds Using This One Trick

    No more peeling garlic one clove at a time.

    Martha Stewart — culinary icon, business mogul, author, and friend of Snoop Dogg — knows a thing or two about cooking...

    And it turns out, she also knows a thing or two about peeling garlic, too. 👀

    In a clip from her show, Martha Stewart's Cooking School, she demonstrates how to peel an entire head of garlic in no time at all — and when I tell you her technique is genius, I'm not exaggerating.

    The trick requires two of the same-sized bowls and a bit of arm strength: You just place an entire head of garlic in one bowl, place the other bowl on top, and shake.

    After a few seconds of shaking, the cloves slip right outta their skins and you end up with a bowl of perfectly peeled garlic ready to be chopped.

    And that's it! Perfectly peeled garlic in no time. Who knew!?

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