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    How To Make Your Kitchen More Efficient, According To Marie Kondo

    Because having a tidy kitchen makes cooking easier and more enjoyable.

    If there's anyone who knows how to tidy up a kitchen and optimize it for efficiency, it's organizational expert Marie Kondo.

    Kondo, the lifestyle guru behind the hit Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and author of two bestselling books, is not only an expert on tidying up bedrooms, offices, and living rooms, but kitchens, too.

    Kondo actually trailed chefs and noted their behaviors when developing her methods for tidying up kitchens — and her organizational expertise combined with chefs industrious ways helped to create practical tips you can use in your own kitchen. Here are 11 of those tips:

    1. Transfer your dish and hand soaps into simple pump bottles to avoid the visual noise of labels.

    2. Don't put anything on your countertops.

    3. Keep only the dishes that spark joy and you'll actually use.

    4. When planning out how you're going to organize your kitchen, keep ease of cleaning in mind.

    5. Store your cutlery upright in tubes in your dish cupboard or in dividers within your drawer...

    6. And remember to keep things categorized in your drawers so your kitchen feels more organized.

    7. Try to consolidate all of your consumables — like plastic baggies — into one container.

    8. Go through your kitchen appliances and get rid of ones you won't ever use again.

    9. If you have a large collection of dish towels, consider folding them using the KonMarie method.

    10. Go through your cookbooks and get rid of ones you don't use or don't spark joy.

    11. At the end of the day, don't feel like you need to aim for simplicity.

    Looking for more expert tips from Marie Kondo? Check out both of her books and get organized!