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14 Strangely Satisfying Videos Of Melting Cheese

This one's for you, fromage fanatics.

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1. The eighth wonder of the world:

2. This hotdog getting a *major* bun upgrade:

3. This flawlessly executed cheese pull:

4. This bowl of mashed potatoes with *just* enough cheese:

5. This sensual scraping of melted magic:

6. This seriously steamy scene:

7. This burger topping that puts your Kraft cheese to shame:

8. This masterfully presented meal:

9. This scampi that will make everything better:

10. These cheese fries getting ALL the love:

11. The only hotdog topping you should settle for:

12. This perfectly balanced bowl of bliss:

13. This perfect ratio of cheese to pasta:

14. And these fancy AF cheesy potatoes: