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    16 Instant Pot Dinners You Can Make In Less Than 30 Minutes

    Just because you're rushed for time doesn't mean you can't enjoy a homemade dinner.

    If you're unfamiliar, an Instant Pot is a multi-cooker that does all kinds of things: it slow cooks, pressure cooks, can make rice, steams, and even sautés. It's a seriously useful piece of equipment!

    For many people, an Instant Pot is all about saving time, so we rounded up 16 simple Instant Pot recipes that are made in less than 30 minutes — from chicken carnitas to comforting Instant Pot ramen.

    1. Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry

    Hearty, flavorful, and on your table in less time than it would take to order take-out.

    Get the recipe: Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry

    2. Pizza Noodle Casserole

    Feel free to toss in your favorite pizza toppings to customize this easy pasta recipe to fit your taste.

    Get the recipe: Pizza Noodle Casserole

    3. Chicken Carnitas

    Serve these flavorful chicken carnitas with tortillas, salsa, and whatever other toppings your heart desires for the easiest taco Tuesday ever.

    Get the recipe: Chicken Carnitas

    4. Five-Ingredient Mac and Cheese

    Macaroni + butter + cheese + milk + spices = the easiest macaroni and cheese you'll ever make.

    Get the recipe: Five-Ingredient Mac and Cheese

    5. Instant Pot Cauliflower Tikka Masala

    Serve this flavorful vegetarian tikka masala over rice, flatbread, or cooked quinoa for a hearty plant-based dinner that comes together in no time.

    Get the recipe: Instant Pot Cauliflower Tikka Masala

    6. Chicken Pot Pie Soup

    The best part about this recipe? It's super rich yet completely dairy-free thanks to a can of coconut milk.

    Get the recipe: Chicken Pot Pie Soup

    7. Instant Pot Ramen

    Your favorite college staple, bulked up with eggs, chicken, and other goodies.

    Get the recipe: Instant Pot Ramen

    8. Korean Chicken Meatballs

    Serve these meatballs over rice, fresh greens, or quinoa for a hearty dinner that comes together in no time at all.

    Get the recipe: Korean Chicken Meatballs

    9. Honey Balsamic Chicken

    Sweet, savory, and insanely easy to make.

    Get the recipe: Honey Balsamic Chicken

    10. Salsa Chicken

    Tender chicken cooked in flavorful salsa — what could be better?

    Get the recipe: Salsa Chicken

    11. Yellow Dal

    Hearty lentils over warm rice = the ultimate cold night dinner.

    Get the recipe: Yellow Dal

    12. Creamy Cajun Pasta

    This recipe calls for one tablespoon (!) of Cajun seasoning, so feel free to use a bit less if spicy food isn't your thing.

    Get the recipe: Creamy Cajun Pasta

    13. Chicken Tacos

    The best part about this recipe? it only takes three ingredients and 30 minutes to come together. A serious win-win.

    Get the recipe: Chicken Tacos

    14. Green Chile Chicken Chowder

    A hearty base of cauliflower cream (aka cauliflower cooked in bone broth) gives this soup a rich texture without feeling heavy.

    Get the recipe: Green Chile Chicken Chowder

    15. Chicken Burrito Bowl

    Load this into tortillas for a simple BYO taco night that's made entirely in the Instant Pot.

    Get the recipe: Chicken Burrito Bowl

    16. Chicken Alfredo

    Your restaurant favorite, only made at home and for a fraction of the price.

    Get the recipe: Chicken Alfredo