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    12 Little Seasoning Tricks To Take Your Cooking To The Next Level

    Salt bae would be proud.

    Seasoning can make or break a dish.

    1. Learn the difference between salt varieties and when to use them.

    2. And know when to use finely ground pepper versus cracked varieties.

    3. Season from high above for more even coverage.

    4. Toast your spices to bring out their flavors...

    5. And use a coffee grinder to grind whole spices for a stronger flavor.

    6. Remember that cold foods require a bit more seasoning than hot foods.

    7. Don't forget to season certain foods with sugar, too.

    8. Remember to add dry herbs in the beginning of your cooking, and fresh at the end.

    9. Don't forget to season your food with acid, too.

    10. Pre-season your proteins ahead of time so the salt has time to penetrate and flavor the meat.

    11. Swap your cayenne and red pepper flakes for a more flavorful heat source.

    12. Don't be afraid of using flavor enhancers like nutritional yeast, liquid aminos, and even MSG.

    Let's get cooking!