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    16 Restaurant Menu Fails That Are So Bad They're Good

    Remember: spellcheck is your friend.

    1. This misspelling of angus beef that is truly unfortunate.

    2. This menu that didn't have enough room to fit the word "assorted."

    3. These fish bowls with an extra e.

    4. This unnecessary gendering of a salad:

    5. This fried rice option that I'm hoping was a typo.

    6. This menu fail that sounds like an artsy horror movie.

    7. This easy (but significant) misspelling of crab.

    8. This gnocchi with a bit of evil:

    9. This delicious selection of person:

    10. This menu that knows how to dance like all the cool kids:

    11. This sushi menu that makes me feel kinda sorry for the salmon.

    12. No, I don't want salmonella pizza, thanks though!

    13. This one-letter typo that really changes things.

    14. This miso eggplant that autocorrected itself to "misogyny."

    15. This simple misspelling that really changed the word vegetable.

    16. And these vegetarian "hand-job rolls" that I'll leave you with.