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18 Cooking Fails That Are Soooo Bad They're Actually Good

LOL that unicorn cake — I'm crying...

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community and Facebook to send us their worst cooking/baking fails ever. Here are some of their hilariously terrible submissions:

1. This Bob The Builder cake that gives the catchphrase "can we fix it?" a whole new meaning:

Instagram: @taijiaizi, Deanna Smith Janss/Facebook

"This was seven years ago for my son’s third birthday. It was supposed to be Bob The Builder."

—Deanna Smith Janss, Facebook

2. This valid attempt at a unicorn cake:

Ruthblack / Getty Images, Karolion Smiškova/Facebook

"The icing was so heavy that it peeled off the cake."

—Karolion Smiškova, Facebook

3. This cookie that was actually supposed to be an axe...but most definitely wasn't:

Ashley Weber/Facebook

"My dad was a firefighter, and for his retirement party I was going to make firefighter-themed cookies. This was supposed to be an axe... I couldn't bring myself to use it."

—Ashley Weber/Facebook


4. This pasta that somehow caught on fire:

"I wasn’t even drunk or anything.... I lit the stove and IDK, I literally turned my back for one second and there it was. I took a photo before tossing it in the sink. I haven’t cooked pasta since."


5. This Spongebob cake that is both horrifying and wearing too much lipstick:

6. This failed attempt to make some very difficult cookies:

Stephaniefrey / Getty Images,

"When you get inspired to make some French macarons and end up with nipple cookies."



11. These chicken wings that were left in the oven a bit too long:

Kimberly Louise Scott/Facebook

"They were chicken wings, and my husband fell asleep. I came home to a house full of smoke and this deliciousness for dinner."

—Kimberly Louise Scott, Facebook


12. These cookie cups that turned into a melted mess:

Instagram: @2018te, Carrie McCashland/Facebook

"Turned into more of a cookie crumble."

—Carrie McCashland, Facebook

13. These peanut butter cookies that baked into one big sheet:

Boblin / Getty Images, Devon A. Overholt/Facebook

"Supposed to be peanut butter cookies...."

—Devon A. Overholt, Facebook


18. These oozing meringues that were supposed to look like cute lil' poop emojis:

Kimberly Quint/Facebook

"Poop emoji meringue cookies. (Apparently suffering from conjunctivitis, too.)"

—Kimberly Quint, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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