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18 Cooking Fails That Are Soooo Bad They're Actually Good

LOL that unicorn cake — I'm crying...

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community and Facebook to send us their worst cooking/baking fails ever. Here are some of their hilariously terrible submissions:

1. This Bob The Builder cake that gives the catchphrase "can we fix it?" a whole new meaning:

Instagram: @taijiaizi, Deanna Smith Janss/Facebook

"This was seven years ago for my son’s third birthday. It was supposed to be Bob The Builder."

—Deanna Smith Janss, Facebook

2. This valid attempt at a unicorn cake:

Ruthblack / Getty Images, Karolion Smiškova/Facebook

"The icing was so heavy that it peeled off the cake."

—Karolion Smiškova, Facebook

3. This cookie that was actually supposed to be an axe...but most definitely wasn't:

Ashley Weber/Facebook

"My dad was a firefighter, and for his retirement party I was going to make firefighter-themed cookies. This was supposed to be an axe... I couldn't bring myself to use it."

—Ashley Weber/Facebook

4. This pasta that somehow caught on fire:

"I wasn’t even drunk or anything.... I lit the stove and IDK, I literally turned my back for one second and there it was. I took a photo before tossing it in the sink. I haven’t cooked pasta since."


5. This Spongebob cake that is both horrifying and wearing too much lipstick:

Instagram: @tam.jade, Danielle Larkin/Facebook

"The thing nightmares are made of."

—Danielle Larkin, Facebook

6. This failed attempt to make some very difficult cookies:

Stephaniefrey / Getty Images,

"When you get inspired to make some French macarons and end up with nipple cookies."


7. This festive holiday bread that never had a chance: /

"I tried to make a Nutella pull-apart Christmas tree for dessert one year — yeah, good thing we had some brownie mix."


8. These cookies that spread a little too much:

"My best friend’s brother sent these to me. We’ve never let her forget it, and she hasn’t attempted to bake on her own since."


9. These cookies that turned out to be more spooky than festive:

"This is what happens when my fiancé decorates Christmas cookies."


10. These Groot cupcakes that were almost cute:

11. These chicken wings that were left in the oven a bit too long:

Kimberly Louise Scott/Facebook

"They were chicken wings, and my husband fell asleep. I came home to a house full of smoke and this deliciousness for dinner."

—Kimberly Louise Scott, Facebook

12. These cookie cups that turned into a melted mess:

Instagram: @2018te, Carrie McCashland/Facebook

"Turned into more of a cookie crumble."

—Carrie McCashland, Facebook

13. These peanut butter cookies that baked into one big sheet:

Boblin / Getty Images, Devon A. Overholt/Facebook

"Supposed to be peanut butter cookies...."

—Devon A. Overholt, Facebook

14. This haunting pancake that'll scare the crap out of a kid:

Cara Anderson Fox/Facebook

"Tried to make happy face pancakes. They came out more creepy than happy."

—Cara Anderson Fox, Facebook

15. This Easy Mac that was anything but easy:

Jessica Davis/Facebook

"Forgot to add water to my son's easy mac."

—Jessica Davis, Facebook

16. This pizza that somehow had a hole in it:

Claudia Poirier/Facebook

"I don’t know what we did wrong, but I will always remember that time."

—Claudia Poirier, Facebook

17. This jelly roll that tried — it really tried:

Holly Putnam/Facebook

"Oops!! But it tasted amazing!!!"

—Holly Putnam, Facebook

18. These oozing meringues that were supposed to look like cute lil' poop emojis:

Kimberly Quint/Facebook

"Poop emoji meringue cookies. (Apparently suffering from conjunctivitis, too.)"

—Kimberly Quint, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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