18 Foodie Instagram Accounts Every Serious Cook Should Follow

    I feel both inspired AND hungry.

    There's no denying the impact that Instagram has had on the food world. A quick search for #foodporn comes up with over 139 MILLION photos.

    So here are 18 of my favorites that constantly inspire me to get in the kitchen:

    1. For all things adorable, funfetti, and cake-related: @mollyyeh

    2. For stunning photographs that'll transport you to a whole new world: @cannellevanille

    3. For vibrant photos of seasonal recipes that'll inspire you to head to the market: @becausegb

    4. For some of the coolest and most innovative pastries on Instagram: @pastrywithjenn

    5. For creative recipe ideas that'll actually make you look forward to eating a salad: @saladforpresident

    6. For soothing food photos that are sure to make you feel at ease: @wrightkitchen

    7. For beautiful (and moody) food photos: @abrowntable

    8. For delicious shots of bread, toast, and unexpected ways to dress them up (like this savory french toast): @alexandracooks

    9. For behind-the-scenes shots of test kitchen life: @csaffitz

    10. For sunny photos of wholesome food that'll inspire you to finally eat your veggies: @kaleandcaramel

    11. For stunning pastries ― including this insanely beautiful pumpkin pie that is #goals: @justinbsamson

    12. For behind-the-scenes shots of wacky-cool food photo shoots: @gatton_michelle

    13. For stunning photos of fancy foods plated with attention and care ― but literally made with junk food: @chefjacqueslamerde

    14. For insanely detailed pies: @thejudylab

    15. For over-the-top desserts and pastry experiments by the cronut creator himself: @dominiqueansel

    16. For beautiful photos of simple recipes that'll inspire you to cook something new tonight: @sproutedkitchen

    17. For pies, cakes, and other desserts that look as stunning as they do delicious: @yossyarefi

    18. For photos that'll transport you right back to your grandmother's kitchen: @grandbabycakes

    What are your favorite Instagram food accounts? Add them in the comments below!