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Updated on May 29, 2019. Posted on Dec 10, 2017

12 Of The Most Disrespectful Things That Have Ever Happened To Mac 'N' Cheese

I feel physically ill after seeing these.

1. That time somebody decided to add a splash of color.

Instagram: @neilcroft

Painted, or tainted?

2. That time somebody literally boiled their noodles in Hennessy AND made their sauce with it...

I'm going to be sick.

3. That time somebody decided to drown it in their favorite condiment.

Instagram: @thasavage99

I get ketchup on mac 'n' cheese is a thing, but it's NOT OK.

4. That time Food Network decided to make dry AF no-boil mac 'n' cheese on a damn sheet tray...

Food Network / Via Facebook: FoodNetwork

5. And that time they added roasted potatoes AND Brussels sprouts to it, causing Geoffrey Zakarian to give this iconic reaction.

Food Network / Via Facebook: FoodNetwork

6. That time someone decided to take mac 'n' cheese to the dark side...

Instagram: @kala_karma

I'm speechless.

7. And that time it came straight out of a can.

8. That time somebody melted chocolate into their cheese sauce...


9. That time somebody tried to pass off cooked noodles tossed with shredded cheese as the real deal.

10. That time somebody decided to turn it into a St. Patrick's Day treat...

11. Or that other time someone decided to make it green (and low cal) by using AVOCADO as the sauce.

Avocados are amazing, and mac 'n' cheese is amazing — but they DO NOT MIX!

12. That time a dining hall called this sad concoction "mac 'n' cheese."

So please, let this be a lesson — LEAVE MAC 'N' CHEESE ALONE.