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    14 Practical Cooking Tips From Famous Restaurant Chefs

    How to avoid bland chicken, save wilted herbs, and prep an all-purpose sauce that'll make your week ahead way easier.

    If there's anyone who knows how to cook a great meal, it's the chefs working day in and day out in restaurants.

    Here are 14 of their tips, tricks, and techniques that you can use in your own kitchen:

    1. Brine your chicken to keep it moist and infuse it with flavor.

    2. And fry it twice to make it super crispy.

    3. And if you want to try something different, try marinating the chicken in koji to give it a ultra-savory flavor and help caramelize the outside.

    4. If you want to add miso to a dish but are afraid of making it too salty, cut it with butter.

    5. Use a cast-iron pan to give meats and veggies the best sear ― and clean it out with salt and oil, not soap.

    6. To makes flavors shine, finish your dishes with a touch of acid...

    7. And use a splash of clam sauce to amp up the flavor of any seafood dish, too.

    8. Taste your food during every step of the cooking process.

    9. Save your nonstick pans for things like eggs, but not much else...

    10. Make a flavorful stir-fry sauce and freeze it into cubes to make weeknight cooking easier.

    11. Soften dried tortillas by heating them on a skillet with a squirt of equal parts water and oil.

    12. Steep fresh herbs in honey before they're about to go bad.

    13. If you accidentally get some egg yolk in your whites when making a meringue, add a bit of cream of tartar.

    14. Easily make kimchi at home — and don't be afraid to use untraditional ingredients in place of cabbage.

    Let's get cooking!