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14 Recipes That Prove Colombia Has The Best Food In The World

Chocolate con queso, anyone?

Hannah Wong/BuzzFeed

Anyone who's been to Colombia before knows just how good the food is.

From arepas to chocolate con queso, Colombia has some of the most delicious foods in the world. We rounded up 14 of our favorite recipes so you can get a taste of Colombia at home:

1. Arepas

What it is: Flattened maize cakes that are grilled and filled with a wide range of ingredients. (Or sometimes served without a filling).

Simple, comforting, and versatile. Serve these babies with just about anything that could use a little something extra. Get the recipe.

2. Chocolate con Queso

3. Sancocho Trifásico

4. Pandebono (aka Pan de Bono)

What it is: A simple bread made with cheese, starch, and corn flour.

If you're gluten-free, you'll definitely want to try these rolls. Get the recipe.

5. Arroz con Coco

What it is: Fluffy rice cooked with coconut.

A bowl of this rice is the ultimate sweet and comforting snack. Get the recipe.

6. Bandeja Paisa

7. Ajiaco

What it is: A flavorful chicken and potato soup.

The perfect soup to eat during cold nights, when you're feeling sick, or for no real reason at all — it's just that good! Get the recipe.

8. Patacones

What it is: Green plantains that are twice-fried and flattened.

A popular snack made all over the world and served with all kinds of dishes. Get the recipe.

9. Aborrajados

10. Obleas

11. Changua

12. Empanadas

What it is: Pastries stuffed with a variety of fillings and fried until crisp.

Not exclusive to Colombia, but very popular (and for good reason). Get the recipe.

13. Cazuela de Mariscos

14. Arroz Atollado

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