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Can You Make It Through These 10 Melting Cheese Videos Without Crying?

Melted, oozing, crispy, baked: I want it all.

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1. This Meting Beauty

*eyes widen*

2. This Cheesy Bowl Of Heaven

*jaw drops*

3. This Perfectly Pullable Mashed Potatoes

*audibly gasps*

4. This Waterfall of Cheesy Bliss

*eyes begin to water*

5. This Epic Pizza Pull

*takes a slow, deep breath*

6. This Bowl of Melted Magic

*breathing becomes heavier*

7. This Flaming Wheel of Cheese

*lip quivers*

8. This Perfect Ratio of Cheese to Pasta


9. This Cheese Twisting Master

*tears begin flowing*

10. This Wonderful Wheel

*full sobbing*

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