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Our Readers Are Obsessed With These 21 Underrated Walmart Groceries

People swear by this stuff.

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6. Street Kitchen Meal Kits

Instagram: @streetkitchenkits

"Those Street Kitchen kits are LEGIT. We can eat Mexican, Thai, Indian, Korean, Moroccan, or Indonesian food any night ― and they're easy to prepare! We love them, and they're two for five dollars at our Walmart (which is waaaaay cheaper than takeout)."

―Laura Meyer, Facebook


7. Tasteful Selections Take and Shake Potatoes

"They have tiny red bliss potatoes in a small microwaveable cup you just pop in the microwave for three minutes (after you add the seasoning and shake). The black pepper and rosemary ones are amazing!"


8. Summerades Sparkling Black Cherry Flavored Lemonade

Instagram: @darlinjuniper

"I'm a bit of a pop addict and this stuff has been a lifesaver. It's healthier but still has the crisp taste of pop. The black cherry is my favorite, but they also have regular lemonade and key lime lemonade."



Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

What's your favorite food or drink item at Walmart? Let us know in the comments below!

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