I Tested Famous Omelet Recipes And Found The Very Best One

    Eggs = the ultimate cooking test.

    For many chefs, omelets are the ultimate cooking test...

    So in an attempt to perfect my omelet-making skills (and explore techniques I've never tried before), I decided to test five famous methods.

    Here are their techniques:

    Up first was was Emeril Lagasse. He starts by adding eggs and cream to a blender.

    That mixture gets tossed into a buttered skillet over medium-high heat.

    So, was his diner-style omelet any good?

    Up next was Julia Child with her traditional French omelet. She starts by mixing up two eggs with salt, pepper, and a bit of water.

    In a buttered nonstick pan, swirl the eggs over high heat, then — here's the key part — jerk the mixture toward the front of the pan as it sets. (Don't touch it with a spatula!) It might feel weird, but after a few seconds it magically comes together.

    So, did the omelet taste as magical as the process of making it was?

    Up next was Geoffrey Zakarian. He beats three eggs with an extra yolk and two tablespoons of frozen, diced butter.

    The mixture goes into a nonstick pan over medium heat, and the eggs are stirred continuously until they're just barely set.

    It certainly looked beautiful, but how did it taste?

    Then came Masaharu Morimoto with his recipe for tamagoyaki (a rolled Japanese omelet). He starts by combining a sweet and salty mixture of dashi, soy sauce, and sugar.

    Then he heats up a rectangular pan (or a regular ol' skillet) over medium-high heat, brushes it with oil, then adds some of the egg mixture. And this is where it gets challenging.

    This took me a few tries to get right, TBH. Was it worth the effort?

    Last but not least was LL Cool J's veggie-packed egg white omelet. He dices up bell peppers and whisks nine (!!) egg whites.

    He cooks the peppers and spinach in a nonstick pan, then adds the egg whites.

    It was bright and colorful, but was it tasty?


    TL;DR: If you want a classic, textbook-perfect omelet that's moist and fluffy, go with Julia Child's quick and easy French omelet — but if you're up for a challenge, go with Masaharu Morimoto's Japanese rolled omelet, which is loaded with unexpected flavor.

    Watch the whole thing here:

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