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    This Guy's Impressions Of Antoni From "Queer Eye" Are Legit Hilarious

    I'm literally crying.

    By now, you've heard of Antoni Porowski.

    Well, turns out there's a guy on Twitter who does a spot on impression of him. (And I can't get enough.)

    For example, here he is as Antoni at a BBQ:

    "So, one of the things that's super great to do for your guests is to put the ketchup right on the meat before they even eat it," he says. "It's just kind of a little bit more considerate and thoughtful and will make them feel special."

    And here he is giving shopping advice for that special someone at Foot Locker:

    "If you get her the shoes that have the laces actually in the shoe, she'll be able to keep them on her feet all day — even if she's walking around, or just sitting at work."

    And here he is giving some advice for how to get the most bang for your buck while grocery shopping:

    "With chips, you're usually getting about 200, or even 300 chips in a bag — but if you buy something like eggs, for example, at most you're getting six, or maybe even a dozen."

    And here he is giving a heartfelt message for Pride month 🏳️‍🌈:

    "So, it's Pride. And one thing I'm super proud of is Silk almond milk — 'cus almonds can be super, super small and really easy to lose, but when you put them into a milk, they will always be in the same place.

    Antoni's doppelgänger is Steven Phillips-Horst, a self-proclaimed "comedian, writer, actor, husband, father, and wife." He told BuzzFeed that he related to Antoni because he knows "how hard it is to be the hottest one in your friend group."

    "I think I am deep down an Antoni," Phillips-Horst told BuzzFeed. "I will make a soft-boiled egg, put it on a slice of thick country bread, and send the photo to my friend being like, 'Umm... vibes much?'"

    ''I also respect the fact that he is Canadian," he says, "as I am from Boston — a place that is also in a perpetual identity crisis over its own relevance."

    If you want to keep up with his impressions, follow him on Twitter at @gossipbabies 🥑