Here Are Alton Brown's Most Nerdy (And Brilliant) Cooking Hacks

    From pasta to coffee to meatballs.

    Alton Brown might just be the king of kitchen hacks...

    So here are 12 of his most genius cooking tricks you can use in your own kitchen:

    1. Instead of milk or water, add a bit of mayonnaise to your scrambled eggs to make them perfectly creamy.

    2. Start cooking your pasta in a small pot of cold water instead of a huge pot of boiling water.

    3. Roast your meatballs in an egg carton so it absorbs all of the excess fat...

    4. Or use it to store bottles upside down in the fridge.

    5. Instead of popping popcorn in a pot, pop it in a metal bowl so the popped kernels rise to the top and don't burn.

    6. Wrap a few rubber bands to the ends of your tongs to give them a better grip — perfect for picking up things like hot ramekins or jars in boiling water.

    7. Soak skewers in a bottle of water — when you unscrew the cap, they'll naturally float to the top and be super easy to take out.

    8. Steam your hard-boiled eggs instead of boiling them to make 'em super easy to peel.

    9. To make your chocolate chip cookies chewy (like the kind you get from grocery store bakeries) use bread flour instead of all-purpose flour...

    10. And spray the baking sheet with a little bit of water to help parchment paper stick to it.

    11. Add a pinch of salt to your morning coffee to make it taste less bitter.

    12. If you want grilled chicken but it's too cold out to fire up the grill, cook your chicken on a panini press to give it those dark grill marks and charred flavor.

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