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    These Breadmaking Videos Are Oddly Satisfying And I Can't Look Away

    This one goes out to all the bread nerds.

    1. These logs of dough being effortlessly snipped into pain d'epi:

    2. This mesmerizing spiral of dough being baked:

    3. This artfully slashed loaf:

    4. This pillowy pile of dough being poured out:

    5. This satisfying scoring technique:

    6. This sourdough loaf being transformed into a piece of art:

    7. This skillful slashing:

    8. This baking beauty:

    9. These strands of dough being expertly tied into knots:

    10. This classic wheat stalk design:

    11. These spiraling scores:

    12. This blossoming sourdough made with beets:

    13. This timeless scoring technique:

    14. This baker who uses dough as their canvas: