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    May 2, 2017

    16 Stages Every Restaurant Worker Goes Through During A Lunch Rush

    Iced water for everyone!

    1. It's 11:00 am, your shift just started, and you hope and pray that this lunch rush doesn't kill you.

    You remain hopeful.

    2. As you complete your side work, you begin to accept the looming reality of the dreaded two-hour period.

    You brace yourself...

    3. And just like that, it begins.

    The floodgates open, your double espresso kicks in, and customers start demanding iced teas and Diet Cokes at an alarming rate.

    4. The tickets start printing, and printing, and printing...

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    You hear the *tchk-tchk-tchk-tchk* in your sleep.

    5. You get double sat. Wait, triple sat. No, QUADRUPLE fucking sat.

    "We're good with just iced water, thanks."

    6. One of your tables orders apps, entrees, and drinks, then proceeds to tell you they are "in a bit of a rush."

    Let me go pretend to tell them real quick...

    7. You accept it: you are officially IN. THE. LUNCH. RUSH.

    You got this. You can do it. Today is the day you will work a whole lunch rush without threatening to kill anyone.

    8. Your manager notices you slipping deeper into the weeds and asks if you are OK.

    "I'm fine!" <- Me, balancing four plates, a pitcher of iced tea, two checks, and deciding if today is the day I should quit or not.

    9. You yell "MOVE IT" shoving your coworker aside as you trample to the dish station.

    *apologizes post-lunch rush*

    10. You overhear your coworker asking to take his break during the peak of the rush.


    11. It's 1:45 pm. Lunch begins to die down and you wonder if it's safe to pee yet.

    Maybe, just maybe, I can even sit down for a second (CRAZY, I KNOW).

    12. And just when you think it's over, THE SECOND RUSH BEGINS.

    Yep, the SECOND. FUCKING. RUSH. Ever heard of it? It's for FUCKING MONSTERS who eat lunch at 2:00 PM.

    13. Only this time around the kitchen is trashed, three items are 86'ed, and half of your coworkers have gone on break already.

    Oh, you want to modify your burger 100 different ways now?


    14. But you make it through. You survive the unexpected second rush.

    You are glistening (sweat? fryer oil?), triumphant, and ready to scarf down a burger while standing over a garbage can.

    15. You officially have time to sit down.

    *chugs a quart container full of water*

    16. And just like that, the lunch rush is over.

    Time to count your tips and start all over again tomorrow!