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    14 Times The US Committed Crimes Against Pasta

    If I had a penne for every time someone ruined pasta...

    1. Everyone has made some questionable pasta choices. I get it...

    Instagram: @thasavage99

    Maybe you put ketchup on your pasta. Will I judge you for it? Yes. Is it an abomination? Not necessarily.

    2. But sometimes people take it WAY. TOO. FAR.

    Instagram: @daycabuhat

    Like these rings of pasta glued into unsettling doughnut shapes.

    3. Like, wayyy too far...

    Instagram: @lowiperalta

    Or these strands of spaghetti threaded through sliced hot dogs...

    4. Just look at these deep-fried mac 'n' cheese bites coated in crushed Cheetos and then REFORMED INTO A DAMN CHEETO SHAPE.

    Instagram: @foodmaddness__


    5. Or how about these noodles being used as a sandwich filling?

    Instagram: @colinphelan

    This is just wrong...

    6. Or even worse, how about some spaghetti noodles STAINED WITH FOOD DYE?

    Instagram: @rainbowpasta

    That's spaghetti, people. RAINBOW. SPAGHETTI.

    7. Why would you do this to pasta?!

    8. Whose idea was it to stuff a bread bowl with EVEN MORE CARBS?

    This is truly an affront to penne!

    9. Treating pasta this way is a damn crime....

    What did pasta ever do to deserve this kind of treatment?

    10. Pasta stuffed into a taco shell?

    Instagram: @virginia902

    Yep. That happened...

    11. Pasta stuffed into bagels and burger buns?

    Yep, that happened, too..

    12. Or what about this sad interpretation of pasta e fagioli?

    Pasta e fagioli is an Italian masterpiece, NOT a plate of watery ramen topped with canned beans.

    13. Lasagna? Yep, we ruined that too...


    Because not everything is better deep-fried, ESPECIALLY not pasta.

    14. One more. I promise it's almost over...

    Instagram: @neilcroft

    *gagging intensifies*

    I'm so sorry, Italy.