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    12 Myths About Cooking Pasta That Actually Aren't True

    You seriously need to stop throwing pasta against a wall.

    Everyone loves pasta, and everyone has their own special trick to getting that perfect al dente texture.

    Here are 12 common myths about cooking pasta that you should think twice about.

    1. Myth: Throw a piece of pasta against the wall. If it sticks, it's perfectly cooked.

    2. Myth: Adding salt to water makes it boil faster.

    3. Myth: Rinsing pasta under cold water after cooking will prevent it from getting mushy.

    4. Myth: Adding olive oil to the water will prevent your pasta from sticking to itself.

    5. Myth: Breaking pasta in half will make it cook faster.

    6. Myth: Water should be kept at a rolling boil during the entire cooking process.

    7. Myth: Pasta should be boiled uncovered, never with a lid.

    8. Myth: When making lasagna, pasta sheets should be fully cooked before assembling.

    9. Myth: Drain your pasta until it's completely dry to prevent watering down your sauce.

    10. Myth: A pound of dry pasta makes a pound of cooked pasta.

    11. Myth: Italians strictly prefer fresh pasta and anything less is simply a joke.

    12. Myth: Pasta should only be cooked in salted water.

    Let's eat!