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Top 5 Things That Are Driving Us Nuts On The Internet

You see them popping up left and right on your social media Newsfeed. Here are the top 5 biggest (most annoying) stories!

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Affleck or Gyllenhaal...or even Hamm!

The rumors of Affleck's departure from the iconic role of Batman is driving us nuts! If I had a shot for every article that spoke about this rumor, I would have had my stomach pumped...twice

The Tide Pod Challenge

Because as human we get so bored from being at the top of the food chain, that we must create dangerous predator. Enter Tide Pod Challenge. A trend challenge where teenagers ingesting the packets. F.Y.I. They are poisonous. This even trended on Twitter as #TidePodChallenge. Let me know when the #RussianRouletteChallenge happens.

Trump Banged a Porn Star

Articles of President Trump banging Porn Star Stormy Daniels have been spreading like an STD in a condomless orgy. Did he do it? Did he not do it? Is having "Banged the President of the United States" on your porn resume considered impressive? Who knows!

A New Meme Format is born!

Every month, a new meme format is born. Remember the unfaithful boyfriend looking at another girl? The one with the salt? Their Grandfather is Bad Luck Brian. Remember that one?!


Remember when snow days meant you go out and play? Now, we just Netflix binge and/or have sex. Trust me, people have sex during these heavy snow days. I have a few friends that have babies, and 9 months ago from the date of birth was one of the biggest snow storms that year. Coincidence? Maybe, but I highly doubt it. Trojan should start sponsoring snow days. Is that possible? Someone research that and get back to me.

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