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    The People's Choice Of Shark Hall Of Fame

    Happy #SharkWeek ! As a film and tv junkie, I had to compile a list of the most famous pop culture sharks!

    The Shark from Jaws / Via

    Who can beat that famous John William's score "Duh nuh nuh!" This was the shark that made people afraid to go back in water. Also, it was a film that ironically jump the shark in sequel releases. To this day, there are viewings of this film done in swimming pools! You get a rafts, lay in it and watch the flick. Perfect summer activity!

    Sharknado from...duh! / Via

    Producer: *Snort a rail of coke* "What if a Tornado picked up a bunch of sharks and terrorized people!"

    Studio Head: "Take my keys, fuck my wife and let's talk sequels!"

    What can be said about this film that hasn't been said? It's iconic, it's popular and nobody asked for it, yet, it's what we want!

    Bruce From Finding Nemo / Via

    "Fish are Friends, Not Food!" Bruce was Disney's first addict! He ran a Fish-Eating Anonymous! F.E.A! This iconic scene is perhaps one of the most memorable scenes from Finding Nemo!

    Left Shark From Super Bowl XLIX / Via

    You may remember this Shark when he totally forgot the choreography during Katy Perry's Super Bowl Half-Time Show! It was trending on Twitter in seconds! He totally f#cked up, yet, held his head up and kept moving forward. He is my spirit animal

    The Shark From Happy Days / Via

    Ever wonder where the phrase "jump the shark" came from? Look no further! Happy Days had an episode where the Fonz is water ski-ing and ends up jumping the shark. It was considered so ridiculous that it became a staple for when a show/movie does something that makes one exclaim "give em a break!"

    I know for a fact I am missing sharks! Comment!

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