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The Biggest Comic Book Movie Stories This Week!

As a comic book nerd, I must indulge in reporting the biggest comic book stories that I found this week! Comment any that I missed!

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The Black Panther currently holds a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes

Hopefully this hold. Hell, I hope it gets rounded to a 100%. This may be the highest rated comic book film ever on Rotten Tomatoes! Panther Paws crossed!

UPDATE: This was at 100% until a critic complained that the hero doesn't beat up enough bad guys. WHAT? Ugh! I hope they just round this back to 100% and ignore that dude!

Joaquin Phoenix in Talks to Play ‘The Joker’ in Standalone Film

This may be a rumor, but a very interesting rumor. Yes, I would LOVE Willem Dafoe to be cast as Joker, especially in the DCEU universe. Now, while this film will not be in that universe, I am very interested in this film. Even if it does not exist in the DCEU Universe.

New Deadpool Trailer with Cable

The trailer is excellent, yet it does not reveal much about the plot. But that does not matter. The wicked humor, the funny Justice League jab and quick flashes of action make this trailer a win for me!

The Avenger: Infinity War trailer

10 years ago, Iron Man snuck into theaters launched one of the biggest and most successful cinematic universes ever! Now, after all the movies and Netflix series, our favorite hero collide in their biggest adventure yet. I say "Netflix" because I am still holding out on the Daredevil rumor.

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