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    Storming Area 51! What Is Known So Far !

    In case you've have seen numerous social media posts about the Area 51 Raid and are clueless, here is a brief guide to what it is!

    A Facebook event has more than 1.2 million people are pledging to raid Area 51 to "see them aliens" on September 20th. / Via

    Yep, it's seriously a thing! Area 51 has connotation to Aliens, UFOs, Conspiracy theories ( The fun ones! Not the "911 was an inside job" that one the drunk at the end of the bar speaks fondly of!).

    Click Here For Event Page

    Strategy for the event is "If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets" / Via

    Bullets? HA! You'll need to worry about the space-ray gun from Call Of Duty: Zombies. Yeah, it's real! And they have it! Don't you tell me this country has not had a secret war with Nazi-Zombies! I know the truth is out there!

    What do they want? (Me leaving Area 51 with an Alien like...) / Via

    Based on my limited time to research ( between Hulu Commercial breaks), people want to smuggle out their own alien, a space-age vehicle, a ray gun, etc! It's Area 51! Who knows what they got there! It's like a Trader Joe's. More like a Trader UFJoe's! Nailed the pun!

    Military Response! You know they got that SPACE RAY GUN! / Via

    Air Force spokeswoman Laura McAndrews said in a statement to USA TODAY

    "The Nevada Test and Training Range is an area where the Air Force tests and trains combat aircraft," McAndrews said. "Any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous."

    What shall happen on September 20th? The creator of the event has put out a statement saying that the event page is a joke , however, I expect a few nut-jobs to represent the crazy on site. Only time Shall tell! Comment what you think is at Area 51!

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