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    Halloween Kills: The Teaser Breakdown!

    Good New: We got a teaser! Bad news: #HalloweenKills has been bumped a year! Here's a teaser break down! #HalloweenKills #JamieLeeCurtis

    That Teaser was FIRE ...Literally!

    Halloween Kills.
    Haloween | Blumhouse Productions / Via

    The last that we saw of Michael Myers, he was caught in the trap that Laurie pretty much "Home-Aloned" for Michael. The fire engulfs the house, which would lead to Michaels demise. The Strode women finally are free...until fire trucks gun towards the burning house with Laurie screaming "no let him burn"

    Hail to the O.G. Scream Queen

    Laurie Strode from Halloween Kills
    Halloween Kills | Blumhouse Production / Via

    Jamie Lee Curtis is the Queen of Scream Queens! Not only does she have a bone chilling final girl scream, she also shows us how final girls can be bad asses! What I loved most about the teaser is that she gives us a powerful and terrifying scream as the fire department barrels down the road to the fire where they may inadvertently save "EVIL" (Said in my best Loomis Voice)

    Deputy Hawkins, the arresting officer of Michael Myers.

    Deputy Hawkins from Halloween Kills
    Halloween Kills | Blumhouse Production / Via

    In the teaser, was see Deputy Hawkins left for dead. In 2018's Halloween , we meet Deputy Frank Hawkins, who arrested Michael in 1978. In the film, he is murdered by Dr. Ranbir "The New Loomis" Sartain. I still can't believe that I believe he was good due to the throwaway line "new Loomis! The Doctor leaves the deputy for dead, reveals he orchestrated Michael's escape so he may observe him. Let us just say the good doctor observed Michael stomping out his head.

    That John Carpenter Score!

    Soundtrack Cover for Halloween 2018
    Halloween Kills | Blumhouse Production / Via

    There are a few scores that get under your skin in a spooky way! John Carpenter is the Beethoven of Horror Scores! Getting to hear his score while Jamie Lee Curtis screams in terror is WOW! Sweet horror movie harmony!

    Last but not least, a shot of Michael!

    Michael Myers from Halloween Kills
    Halloween Kills | Blumhouse Production / Via

    The teaser closes on a menacing Michael Myers. You know what burns him up? Literally being burnt in a house. Hopefully, Halloween 2021 will be here before you can say "Was that the Boogeyman? "

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