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    Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer Breakdown

    After the first viewing of the trailer, I had to rewatch it and slow things down. Nostalgia and joy blinded me to a bunch of amazing easter eggs and call backs from the original Ghostbusters! HERE ARE THE 3 BIGGEST THINGS TO LOOK OUT FOR!

    The Stack of Books AKA Symmetrical Stacking

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    As the Ghostbusters said "Symmetrical Stacking" which is a unique form of psychokinetic activity that involves the precise vertical stacking of books. If you remember from the first film, Egon, Ray, and Peter stumbled upon this in the library! Now, if you watch the trailer starting at 43 seconds, you can see "symmetrical stacking" in the background!

    Slimmer is back!

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    At 2:14 of the trailer you can see our new Ghostbusters chasing Slimer! Honestly, what better ghost to catch first? Right? The question is, who shall be slimed?

    Zuul and Vinz?

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    At 1:59 of the trailer, Paul Rudd is confronted in his car by a mysterious off screen entity, but we do see the a familiar claw/paw! Could it be? Zuul? Vinz? All right, lock up the fridge!

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