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Easter, Spring Break, April Fools! What Can Go Wrong!

I remember when April 20th (4/2) landed on Easter a few years back! Trust me, the grass in my buddy's Easter Basket was AMAZING! What to expect to happen...or at least a few prediction with little to no evidence! Enjoy!

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Easter vs Spring Break Weekend / Via

The holiest of holiest weekends lands on the most unholiest weekends!

Sex, Drugs and Easter Baskets! Trust me, there is one true champion of egg hunts! That champ is sperm! They been looking for eggs since the dawn of man and woman!

Be sure to practice safe sex because if you end up having a December baby, then we will all know how much fun you had during Spring Break!

Easter vs April Fools / Via

THERE WILL BE MEMES! LOTS OF THEM! There will be family friendly ones and very poor tasting ones I am sure! The Internet is a digital dystopian wasteland of human decency! Again, I am not condemning it! I legitimately have a porn video still up on another tab as I am writing this.

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