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    5 Ways To Halloween Like A Boss!

    Yeah, I made "Halloween" a verb! We live in a society where we Uber, Google, Youtube and more! If they can be verbs, so can Halloween! Enough verbal foreplay! On with the list!

    1. FREEFORM & AMC constantly playing!

    Via Disney FreeForm / Via

    These two channels know how to Halloween the right way! Freeform is a nice family channel for classics like Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas. AMC is more for the Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street Marathons! Should I seek therapy if shrieks of terror from the television lulls me into a peaceful sleep?

    2. Pumpkin Carving Tools!

    Walmart / Via

    Don't just use a butchers knife ( Michael's main weapon) to carve a pumpkins. Go to a dollar store and pick up a cheap pumpkin carving tool kit so you can carve a work of art! That is how you halloween right! Here is one from Walmart!

    3. Hit Up A Haunted House!

    Scream Hollow / Via

    What's Halloween without a great scare or ten! Gather your spooky-seeking friends and find a haunted house that is known for it's fear factors. Chain-less chainsaws, blinding lights, creatures lurking in the shadows, random shrieks and screams, etc!

    4. Halloween Swag and Ugly Sweaters

    popcorn horror / Via

    Believe it or not! Halloween Ugly Sweaters may become a thing! Face it, Halloween is better than Christmas! Instead of giving a gift, you give a frightening scare! Check out the above sweater found on

    5. Horror Movie Icon Debate!

    Screen Geek / Via

    Obviously, you are drinking some sort of spiked pumpkin latte and debating which horror movie icon reigns supreme! Right? Is it Michael Myers? Is it Jason Voorhees? Is it Ghostface?

    6. Comment How You Halloween!

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