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    22 Babies You'll Run Into At Happy Hour

    Come 5 PM, these lil' tots are out to play.

    1. The Hipster-Bro Baby.

    2. The Post-Work Banker Baby.

    Nikuwka / Via

    If you don't walk away within 45 seconds, he'll spend the next 45 minutes telling you everything he knows about spreadsheets. And guess what? He knows a fucking lot about spreadsheets.

    3. The Loud Birthday Girl Baby.

    4. The Creeper Baby.

    Lecherous glances are his forté.

    5. The Overly PDA Babies

    6. The Underaged Baby.

    Schalke fotografie | Melissa Schalke / Via

    Wait, how'd this kid get in? He's gotta have a really good fake.

    7. The Designated Driver Baby.

    8. The baby who's just there to watch the game.

    He's tryna cheer on his freakin' squad, so quit blocking the TV and take your social tendencies elsewhere.

    9. The Generous Baby...

    10. ...annnnnd the Cheap Baby.

    Katy Spichal / Via

    11. The Betch-y Baby

    TLC / Via

    Buying herself a drink? Ha, in what life.

    12. The baby tryna get everyone on the dancefloor.

    13. The Drunkest Baby At The Party.

    14. The Inseparable (Insufferable) Bestie Babies.

    "What the HELL, Melissa? Why would you go to the bathroom without me???"

    15. The Waspy Frat-Boy Baby.

    16. The Selfie/Snap-Chatting Baby...

    Dwayne Fundano / Via Facebook: D.Fundano.Photography

    17. Or the baby trying to document literally every moment.

    Anetta / Via

    18. The baby getting after it a bit too aggressively...

    19. ...who later becomes the Belligerent Baby.

    20. ...and ultimately the Brawling Baby.

    21. Then there's the baby who's been at the bar too long.

    22. And of course, your Friendly Bartender Baby.

    Tip him well. It's to your advantage.

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