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    These Tiny-Hand Videos Will Destroy Your Entire Reality

    Enter if you dare.

    Buckle up, kids: Everything you know about the world is about to topple like dominos.

    You thought Christopher Nolan movies had intricate layers? Please.

    Assume this is just a video of two people shaking hands do you? Well wake up, sheeple.

    Is this a tiny hand or giant dog? We'll never know.

    Seriously, I'm terrified.

    Run, Gus-Gus, you're not safe!

    They've infiltrated prayer too? Is nothing sacred?!

    These tiny hands are even starring in their own sitcoms now? This. Has. Gone. Too. Far.

    What idiot gave these things currency? They're too powerful!

    I've had it with these tiny hands, I'm writing an email to President Obama to let him know of this massive threat to our security.

    Sir? Stay calm, I'll help — NO, IT'S A TRICK.

    You've taken the red pill. Welcome to Wonderland, Dorothy.


    And just when you think you've seen it all.

    Welcome to the other side.

    Lucasfilm Ltd. / Via

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