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The 5 Stages Of Grieving Everyone Experiences When They Miss Lockout

Everyone's having fun but me :(

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First some music to set the mood...

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1. Denial


"NO! I can't be locked out, my watch says it's 1.29am. I still have one whole minute! My friends are in there, please. Oh my god, I'm all alone. This is how horror films start! LET ME IN!!!"

2. Anger


"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE SECURITY GUARD?!? Don't you know who I am? I drink here like EVERY day! You're so rude! I'm going to write a letter, what's your name? I'm doing it right now!"

3. Bargaining


"Security guard, I'm so sorry. Maybe I'll sneak you a cheeky $10, you let me in and this whole letter thing disappears? Come on... come on... COME ON!"

4. Depression


"OMG I just feel like crying because I can't get in. I can literally see my friends having so much fun and I'm just out here so alone... so very alone."

5. Acceptance


"You know what? NO. I'm not going to keep partying. I've had a long night, enough to drink and a bit of a dance. It's about time I got a kebab and went home. TAXI!"

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