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20 Orgasms Queens Have When Getting Out Of Drag


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1. That orgasm when you kick off your 6" pumps.


^Katya gets it.

2. That orgasm when you peel of your weave.

LogoTV / Via

Only to reveal even more flawless hair, Miss Thing!

3. That orgasm when plucking your fake eyelashes.

Walt Disney Pictures

4. That orgasm when you unzip your sequin dress.

LogoTV / Via

5. That orgasm when you rip off your corset.

6. That orgasm when you unhinge your fake breasts


7. That orgasm when you pull out your butt padding.


But you still got a luscious booty HAY!

8. That orgasm when you slink out of 20 pairs of pantyhose.

9. That orgasm when you untuck yo' junk.


10. That orgasm when you unclamp your fake earrings.

Universal Pictures / Via

11. That orgasm when you detach every piece of jewelry.

12. That orgasm when you peel off your makeup.

Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation / Via

13. That orgasm when you scrape all the spirit gum out of your eyebrows.


But no matter how hard you try, there'll always be some stuck in there.

14. That orgasm when you finally remove that one fingernail you couldn't get off.

15. That orgasm when you remove your fake contacts.

Capitol / Via

And when you finally get some eyedrops onto those peepers.

16. That orgasm when you pick all the face powder out of your ticklish nose.

CBS / Via

17. That orgasm when the shower water hits your skin and a thick layer of club scum runs off your body.

Screen Gems

18. That orgasm when you realize your body is maybe, just maybe, finally 100% glitter free.


That's a lie. You will never been free of glitter. EVER!

19. That orgasm after taking a bite out of $2 pizza.

Plan B Entertainment / Via

20. And that orgasm when you finally put on boy clothes and crawl into bed.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Only to rise the next day and do it all again.


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