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16 Photos Which Prove Geoffrey Edelsten Is Australia's Answer To Liberace

Pink cars, mink coats and crystal chandeliers are just the beginning...

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8. Enough about clothing, what about that time he bought the Sydney Swans AFL team for a cool $2.9 million

Via Fairfax Photos

Making him the first person to privately own a major football team in Australia

12. When not popping bottles, Mr Edelsten opened a number of elaborately decorated 24/7 super clinics to practice in

Via AlliedMGP

Not pictured: white pianos, crystal chandeliers, mink-covered examination tables and robots to great patients at the door. But they were there, seriously.

14. But what would a socialite be without controversy? Shirley Moore claims Geoffrey was her "personal ATM" who gave her a $40k BMW to keep quiet on their affair

A Current Afair / Via

^Obviously didn't work because that affair is now A Current Affair - GET IT?!?

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