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14 Times Kim Kardashian Was Just Like Your Mom

Because North's childhood is totally like everyone else's...

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1. She instilled in you an appreciation for fashion.

2. She taught you the importance of buckling up.

3. She showed you that ripped jeans are always in fashion…as are mom-daughter matching outfits.

4. She made sure you spent quality time with family.

5. She demonstrated the importance of looking one’s best for social media.

6. She ensured you developed a love of performing arts.

7. She taught you how to properly apply makeup.

8. She demonstrated respect for the men and women of the armed forces.

9. She helped make sure you followed appropriate TSA luggage requirements.


10. She made your first Halloween costumes.

11. She made sure you never left home without proper outerwear, including furs.

12. She made sure you were protected against harmful UV rays.

13. She told you white is only acceptable before Labor Day.

14. And ensured you were getting your recommended daily calcium (and caffeine) allowance.

Happy Mother's Day, Kim!

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