18 Reasons Why Chris Hadfield Is The Coolest Astronaut Of Our Time

A salute to Canadian Astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, who returned to Earth today after having lived aboard the International Space Station for the past five months.

Recorded aboard the ISS, here’s a little mood music for you as you read this post.

1. He was the first Canadian to walk in space

2. He introduced the internet to this amazingness…

3. And also this INSANITY

4. Because he tweets with Captain Kirk

(and he’s clearly a total Trekkie)

5. And he teaches us how to make music with gas masks

(skip ahead to 1:20 for a little impromptu singing)

6. He eats nachos in space


7. He uses a Suck-Cut to keep his locks in check.

8. He enjoys a nice manicure

9. And he’s just as mystified by zero gravity as we are

“Yes - because it makes me smile every time to see it move like magic on my wrist” - Chris Hadfield

10. Because when he shaves in space, he’s especially careful not to touch that glorious mustache

11. He surprised his crew with an Easter Egg hunt, y’all!

12. He’s made first contact

13. And he makes juggling look super easy

14. And even though the Force is strong with this one…

“There is no try - only do. May the 4th be with you.” - Commander Chris Hadfield

15. …he’s not afraid to show his sensitive side

16. He’ll give you great tax advice

17. He has awesome “space jammies”

18. And he drops the mic like a BOSS

So thank you, Chris Hadfield…

…for making space awesome again.

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