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    17 Reasons Why Swarkles Is Your All Time Favorite Couple

    It's going to be months before we get to kick off the final season of How I Met Your Mother. In preparation, we need to talk about all the ways Barney and Robin are LEGEN -- wait for it...

    1. The way they celebrate together.

    2. The way they fight.

    3. The way they're sad together.

    4. The way they're super into culture.

    5. The way they have fun together.

    6. The way they're there for each other.

    7. The way they plot to ruin strangers' lives together.

    8. The way they're thug together.

    9. The way they dance together.

    10. How they're a mess together...

    11. ...but they wouldn't change a thing.

    12. How Barney says things like this...

    This too...

    And this...

    13. Because of the time he made this EPIC speech.

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    (And how you were shipping so hard the whole time)

    14. The way she makes him go...

    15. And how she looks at him like this.

    16. Because his proposal restored your faith in the world.

    17. And because when she said "yes"...

    ...we were all: