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Netflix Binge Weekends 101

So that new show came out on Netflix! The one with protagonist that must face an internal or external antagonist for approximately 13 episodes. AH what a great show! Real Netflixers get their binges done before Monday so they can return to their lives that day and be prepared for the next binge worthy show! Here is how you do a 3 day binge like a champ!

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Pace yourself like a champ!

13 episodes in 3 days! Come on! Do some math. 3-4 episodes a day will get the job done.

Of course, if you wanna binge it in 13 hours, then by all mean! You may be doing coke or some drugs to keep you awake and active, but who am I to judge.

Snacks, Snacks and Snacks

Pizza, Chips, Popcorn and more! Get your snacks ready and have them near by! Coffee is a big deal! Food is key to creating a theater atmosphere. This is the premiere of the new season or series, treat yo self!

How about some chill!

Are we talking sex!? If you have a willing companion that would like to join you for a binge with some sexy sex in the mix, then go for it! I like your style! Sometimes the show that she chooses may even be a hint of what sexual act she may want. Had a girl choose Iron Fist on time and boy was I in WAY over my head


Yes, where will you binge? Where will you shut yourself in for 3 days and refuse human contact-unless you are choosing to go with the previous tip. I would say a bed, a couch, a futon and where ever else one may find comfort!

Netflix Depression

Come Monday, you will finish the show and feel like a champ. You also may smell. Consider a shower. Also your eyes will take time to adjust to the sun light. but then you will have have to wait a year until you see a new season.

So have another show ready to binge. The beauty of Netflix is that they constantly push great content! So pick yourself up by your boot straps and find that new show!

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