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Long Car Rides: What To Do To Pass The Time

I love traveling on the road as a stand-up comic! I get to see new cities and and a fresh new audience each night! The driving can become boring at times, but here are some fun car activities you can do to pass the time! have games marked for adults and everyone!

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Car Karaoke (For Everyone)

Have the radio on a station that has your kind of tunes. Top 100, Oldies, Hip Hop, etc. Have someone sing along, then shut the radio off and see if the person can still sing the lyrics without the music.

1,2,BOOM (For Everyone)

Everyone takes turn saying a number, but say "boom" for every number divisible by 3. The goal to make it to 100 as a group. If you mess up and say a number divisible by 3, you must start over again.For Example,

Person 1: One

Person 2: Two

Person 3: Boom

Person 4: Four

Person 1: Five

Person 2: Boom

Person 3: Seven


When you got a great mix of people in a vehicle, yell "padiddle" when you see another vehicle with only one headlight. The person/people who didn't say padiddle must remove one article of clothing.

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