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25 Things That Happen When You're 25

Quarter-life crisis? No way, you're doing awesome! Well, you're getting there.

1. For the first time you start feeling like an empowered adult.

ABC / Via

Well, you are beginning to almost - kind of feel like an adult... some days.

2. You cringe whenever you think about your 19-year-old self.



3. All the things that used to upset you, now you're just like...

NBC / Via

4. You stop trying to win everyone's approval.

NBC / Via

5. You learn what you actually enjoy...

Fox / Via


6. You stop pretending to enjoy things you actually hate.

Lionsgate Films / Via

Camping :(

7. Your personal style is no longer about proving anything and is now about being yourself.

NBC / Via

8. You finally figure out the capabilities and limitations of your hair.

9. You stop caring about how you look when you workout.

Focus Features / Via

10. Your metabolism finally catches up with you...

Universal Pictures / Via

Universal Pictures

11. you start trying to cook for yourself.

NBC / Via

12. In general you start letting go of all the hangups you used to have about your body.

Fox / Via

13. You’ve started to develop some good habits.

MTV / Via

14. Coffee… Just coffee.


It becomes a serious love affair.

15. You stop drinking just to get drunk...

Columbia Pictures / Via

16. ...which is good because hangovers are sooo much worse now.

AMC / Via

17. You’re starting to kind of understand personal finance.

Fox / Via

18. You start thinking that kids are kind of cute.

19. Your fears of commitment begin to fall away.

Fox / Via

20. You've finally started getting the hang of dating.

Fox / Via

21. You stop being jealous when good things happen to your friends...

NBC / Via

22. ...because your friends start feeling more like family.


23. Meanwhile the members of your family have begun to feel more like your friends.

Fox / Via

24. You accept that you're a work in progress.


25. You realize that you're doing alright and that you still have your whole life ahead of you.

ABC / Via

Yeah, being 25 is pretty great!

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