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    • jessaraysundancestarglancet

      Aristotle (You know that one Old Greek Guy) is quoted to have said, “It is through knowledge thatIgain understanding, and understanding allows me to do by choice what others do by constraint of fear.”
      Iappreciate this article and its author for the genuine sharing. It roughed up some feathers, turned heads, and ensued plenty of he said she said thoughtfulness. Good, we need this obviously. We need to be challenged and asked to look deeper, to look closely, to ask questions.
      Ihappy to be one to break it to each and every one of you brother/sister lovers who needs to read, that YOU are no more right then he is no more wrong. Wake up and shake it up, not one of you is an object, and by no means is this person who wrote this article an object. They are the subject of your existence, the only reason you are here is to share it, care for it, and live it. LOVE IT IF YOU DARE! Cause then you might find that life is RAW, that life is BARE, nothing is between you and them, in fact all things that they are you are too. Choice, you have no choice but to chose. Your going to make one and it maybe the right one and the wrong one, cause someone is judging it, telling you what it “should” be, and that someone might just be you, the voice in your head. Communication is the hottest combination, one love. Our ability to do this and do this well so we all prosper is sadly well below the level of what might in some forms of being be considered harmonious. So think before you shame and say that is wrong, that’s unsafe, that’s risky. Think before you judge and create more of an imaginary space between you and another. Truthful Loving Simple caring comes from being here for one another in service. Give Give and Give some more. How do you expect someone to succeed and live as an equal if you put them down for not living up to your standards. We are mirrors for one another, people so quick to throw stones and shatter the real reality of what they might see.
      Ilove and appreciate all the thoughts shared, it’s important, these are just my thoughts for consideration.

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