7 Things I, A Female Standup Comedian, Hear All The Time That Are Borderline Offensive

    "I usually don't like woman comics, but you were funny!"

    "WoMeN aReN't FuNnY" is a phrase I see plastered all over the comment section of female comedians' standup videos across the web. Now, I'm not saying that all women are funny. They're not. I'm saying that if someone is funny or not has nothing to do with their gender.

    Here are some things that people have said to me throughout my time doing standup comedy:

    1. "We usually don't like the women comics, but you were funny!"

    2. "I went in the room to watch you bomb, but then you were actually pretty good."

    3. "This is why men get paid more than women."

    4. "Good shit! I like your style of comedy."

    5. "You were funny, you were funny, you are beautiful."

    6. "You are too smart for your body."

    7. And "I like your material because you didn't talk about dating or sex. Why do female comedians always have to be so dirty and raunchy?"

    Thank you, and good night!