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Little Debbie's Time To Shine

I know we're all still in mourning for Hostess, but let's not forget we still have a friend in Little Debbie. Allow me to remind you of their best options to fill your Twinkie void.

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The superstar of Little Debbie's line up. Shoving your face full of these sprinkle covered chocolate bricks helped the pain go away when your boyfriend broke up with you in middle school, they can do the same for you now.


Yeah, you should ignore their imitation rice crispies altogether and go in for these crunchy bad boys. This is a lighter option* than the brownies but just as satisfying. (*Lighter in literal weight only, calorie content probably double.)


It has "oatmeal" in the title so this is marginally healthier than most options, I guess. This gooey cookie sandwich has the perfect creme filling to cushion the loss of Ho-Hos, Ding-Dongs, and those swirly-iced cupcake things put together.


Okay, I get it--you miss Twinkies. Well these have all the foam-y texture and whipped vanilla filling PLUS strawberry filling! So much better, right? (They also have a chocolate version for those of you missing HoHos more.)


Question: did Little Debbie herself sell her soul to the devil for these chocolate cake squares? Probably. Otherwise I have no idea why they invoke his name for these cake snacks, but hey, they're pretty great.


ANY of their seasonal cake snacks. Valentines, Easter, Christmas: all super yummy. They might have turkey shaped cakes out right now or something, and you should definitely eat at least 5 in one sitting.

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