Have Some Power Rangers Fanart

Matt Lauer cheerfully informed me during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade that the Power Rangers would soon be celebrating their 20th anniversary. Like being kicked out of the kids’ table wasn’t enough to make me feel old, ugh. Anyway, I then discovered that there is still very active fandom for the show and it turns out they are surprisingly great at mighty morphing other shows/movies into the beloved group. Take a look!

1. Greendale Rangers

I can only assume/hope that’s Shirley dressed as Alpha over there. Abed would definitely appreciate this with no less than 8 “cools.”

2. Mighty Morphin’ Resevoir Dogs

Think how much easier a diamond heist would be with a Megazord!

3. Morphin’ Time! (Part 1)

Finn and Bubblegum are a great choice for Kim and Jason as an equally Shakespearean-level of tragically unrequited love.

4. Morphin’ Time! (Bad Guys)

What! LSP would be the woooorst Zordon replacement! This has to be an idea Alpha came up with while super glitchy or something.

5. Storm Rangers

I mean, Zordon did look a lot like Darth Vader without the helmet. They might be the same guy.

6. Purple Ranger

[Prince shaking his head.gif]

7. Legend of Zordon: Ocarina of Morphing

Wait—is Link the Green Ranger? I’m so confused.

8. Zordon Lives!

This is the kind of quality, earth-shattering news National Geographic needs to get back to.

9. PokéRangers

Gotta morph ‘em all? Okay, okay. Don’t worry, I’m done now.

If you’re looking for some more mighty morphin’ fun times, try finding out “Which Power Ranger Are You?” and then dressing accordingly! See ya on the playground!!

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