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    Every Outfit Andie Wears In "Pretty In Pink"

    Pretty in Pink is currently available streaming on Netflix. Here is every outfit that the ultra fashion forward Andie wears throughout this essential teen flick. I know it was the '80s, but is that really a good enough excuse?


    Her first, according to Duckie, "volcanic ensemble." When her dad asks her how much it cost, she claims "about 15 dollars for the shoes, secondhand, and I made the rest." Who pays $15 for secondhand shoes? The glasses, grandma sweater and hat really bring the whole thing together.


    Cute sweater, nice lace accent! Wait, where did that green thing come from and will it try to eat Andie after it's done with the sweater? What kind of movie was this again??


    She's embarrassed to ask about dating a "ritchie," but not by this outfit.


    She's surprisingly not the one on the far upper right--that's a legit old lady. Her yearbook picture features evidence of her one-dangling-earring obsession.


    This is one of those that you think isn't so bad... Until you see the sweater layering going on over those high waisted leggings. And the floral. So much floral.


    Girl does know how to rock some shades, though, huh?


    Andie is trying to help Duckie study, but her pink-on-pink is far too distracting for the poor guy.


    There aren't many things in life worse than enduring high school gym class, except maybe doing so wearing tights and a super cinched belt.


    Andie plays the part of her own mother when sent to the principal's office.


    Blane: "So do you wanna go home and change?"

    Andie: "…I already did."

    Our thoughts exactly, Blane.


    Andie's thought process while getting dressed to visit Iona, apparently, "Well she lives in Chinatown, so..."


    Another solid date night choice for this budding epic romance. Andie believes in floral prints because they believe in her.


    This Pretty Woman in Pink moment is actually probably her least offensive outfit. Shame it's such a short scene.


    This sweet robe definitely deserves a shout out. (Pretty sure GIRLS was giving a similar shout out with Jessa in season 1.)


    Well, what else would you wear to confront the boy you fell in love with after one week when he's stopped answering your calls?


    The montage of her ruining Iona's dress features a return of both the Korea jacket and lace sweater from earlier.


    THE PINK NIGHTMARE: also known as the world's worst prom dress ever. It's also what she was wearing when Blane finally admits his everlasting love for her, so maybe she knows something we don't.

    Duckie is as confused as the rest of us.

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