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Every Outfit Andie Wears In "Pretty In Pink"

Pretty in Pink is currently available streaming on Netflix. Here is every outfit that the ultra fashion forward Andie wears throughout this essential teen flick. I know it was the '80s, but is that really a good enough excuse?

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Her first, according to Duckie, "volcanic ensemble." When her dad asks her how much it cost, she claims "about 15 dollars for the shoes, secondhand, and I made the rest." Who pays $15 for secondhand shoes? The glasses, grandma sweater and hat really bring the whole thing together.


Cute sweater, nice lace accent! Wait, where did that green thing come from and will it try to eat Andie after it's done with the sweater? What kind of movie was this again??



THE PINK NIGHTMARE: also known as the world's worst prom dress ever. It's also what she was wearing when Blane finally admits his everlasting love for her, so maybe she knows something we don't.

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