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What's Up With Donald Trump?

What’s up with Trump and references to women and blood?

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What’s up with Trump and references to women and blood? Men are psycho, low energy, lying etc, while women are either beautiful or ugly, and if disliked fake bloody beauties with blood coming out everywhere. Worse than a de Kooning painting. Of course, he talked about crooked Hillary, but I don’t think Trump saw Hillary as a woman or as having any gender at all.

During a rainy season someone or something must have lifted up a rock that hadn’t been disturbed for a long time and Trump and his hangers on came crawling out. But even worse a lot of folks thought these slugs, this slime, that fungus, those bacteria, and finally the mold, etc., belonged in the White House.

There is no traditional virtue that Trump hasn’t soiled—trust, integrity, democracy, love, kindness, decency, empathy, patriotism, justice, service, humility, for example—just even once in a while. There can really be no strength or wisdom if someone can’t recognize that no matter how hard they try they will experience weakness and limitations, and shame and mortification at some of their own behavior. If they can’t acknowledge that, what strength, wisdom, empathy, can they possibly develop. Well now we know, we have Trump for president. I could almost feel sorry for him, if he weren’t president—his life and imagination is so boring, so petty, so cruelly dull. But he is president. (I have to keep reminding myself that this is really true as unbelievable as it is). And worse yet thirty to forty percent of my fellow citizens can more than abide him. I have to come to some kind of terms with that reality.

But even more depressing there is an audience that finds Trump energizing and aspirational and they feed off each other’s rally-performances. Call me elitist, but think about FDR and his American people in all their diversity. Since they were convinced he cared about them, and rightly so, they didn’t mind his elite ways, indeed rather enjoyed them, because of his obvious compassion, decency, and yes sincerity. That’s why they invited him via the radio into their living room. And if Eleanor had shown up at the door, they would have all ended up in the kitchen where all the family business really takes place and close friends and neighbors interact. And Eleanor would have fit in. And if she had sensed that she didn’t, she would have made a polite, quiet, and kind exit. Try saying this out loud: Trump, polite, quiet, and kind.

For reasons that have nothing to do with policy, I continue to be deeply ashamed for my country and I am shamed every day. So, Trump supposedly ran a brilliant presidential campaign—so did Mussolini, Juan and Eva Peron, and their like. Is this the new normal? Would more Americans reading David Brooks’ The Road to Character help? I am not mocking the idea. It is a serious question.

Maybe the saving grace is that Americans can only do fascism as a Mel Brooks play in which the goal is to make money. Fascist organizations in America have mostly gone down in money and sex scandals, not for ideological reasons. But spring time for Hitler for all its bad taste had charming numbers. What is ever charming about Trump? His hair? His snarl? His hands? His dangling ties? His witty and thoughtful way with words? His empathy for other people? The ease with which he can take complex issues and explain them in an understandable way to his fellow citizens?

We have the Big Me as president. He is evidence of the kind of character almost half the population of the country wanted as president. He is everything that as a man I hate and fear in many men. He is the negation of all that I value. And I have to live everyday seeing him as president. These are the times that try our character.

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