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    • jerryg14

      here are my tips.
      1. take care of your feet go barefoot too long get blisters or sore feet and you are screwed. wear good shoes.
      2. at the first twinge of having to poop GO right away do not wait or you will find yourself doing the porta potty waddle and may or may not make it and depending on the situation this could really suck.
      3. steak down your tent like fort flippin knox do not wait until later. later will never come but the wind and storm will
      4. reflective emergency blankets over your tent will make it 10 degrees cooler
      5.agree on fanny pack or shoulder bag but put it over your head and across your body so you don’t tend to lay it down.
      6. a big umbrella is awesome for shade and folds up small
      7.bring tp it could come in very handy and the baby wipes is a good idea
      8. if you can tent under shade do it and remember which way the sun comes up.
      9. an ez up is much better than a tent and its sturdier and steaks down better just put a tarp on the floor bigger than the ezup so you can bring the sides up to stop rain coming in. plus in high winds you can bring the legs down so it doesn’t catch as much wind.
      10. don’t buy drugs from any douchebag you walk up on in the campground beware of backpackers for profit
      11.always bring warm clothes even if its 90 out
      12. never leave anything valuable in your camp my lighter leash I even have a flashlight leash around my neck.
      14. stop and shake people hands and meet people
      15. if you leave camp in a group of 3 or more be prepared to never get anywhere and by the time you do you will be with 3 or more different people lol

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