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    • jerry1280

      CanIget an AMEN!? The man is responding to the question. People who use the words, “hater” toward Christians, or “stop being intolerant”, are the ones who are actually hating and being intolerant. It’s like the haters are hating on the haters. It’s circular! It doesn’t make sense. Or it’s like the protester protests against the protester. same with tolerance. Them people fail to think about what they too are doing. How aboutadebate? and stop the name calling, it’s childish.  The so called “tolerance” people are not so tolerant after all. And in the end, it really doesn’t come down to tolerance, it comes down toabattle of ideas. Only people whose ideas suck basically win because they silence their opposition or attack the character of the person who they debate with instead of reasoning and arguing well. That’s when the hearers need to wake up and see what is really going on.

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