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How Tristan Are You?

cupcake? bleach? pokemon go? Ariana Grande? YL?

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  1. Check all that apply

    you put your hair in a middle part sometimes
    you obsess over Ariana Grande
    you say binch instead of bitch
    you call people ugly when they insult you
    you want to kill yourself when you wake up
    you know every word to all cupcakes songs
    you live on pokemon go
    you got seperated form your group on halloween because pokemon go
    you spend half your time on youtube
    you wear kid size chacos
    you wear kid size patagonia
    you own a ritz carlton jacket
    you text in group chats so often you're half the messages
    you love teslas
    you like mickey more than max
    you own a popsocket
    you LOVE slime
    you make slime
    you look like will byers
    you buy twitter followers
    you can walk on ice
    you cheat on peoples quiz your friends
    you have a vine account
    you love to call people pussy
    you say you're a trojan but you go to chiles
    someone jumped over you once
    you swallowed a vanilla wafer whole once
    you own a sumo costume
    you have a hitchhikers thumb
    you put butter in flower centerpieces
    you love younglife
    your name is tristanus

How Tristan Are You?

you're not very much like tristan, I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, ugly

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you're on your way to becoming tristan but not quite yet, ugly!

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woah! you either are tristan or you're really freaking weird, ugly!!

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