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    • jeremyvincenta

      Most unfortunate that this girl got death threats. However, the awful words of trolls do not magically improve the credibility of her argument. (And to the people coddling her, news flash: If she were *really* a fighter for equality, she’d have stood by her principles and ignored the trolls, instead of running off with her tail between her legs at the first sign of adversity. If you can’t take the heat, you have no business being in the kitchen.) The problems with pointing out any type of “majority privilege” are that A) they are assumed to apply all across the board (which they do NOT), and B) it comes off as needlessly bitchy about a facet of human nature that simply cannot and will not ever change. There will always be a majority and a minority, and the majority will always have the louder collective voice.  Sure, it’s not fair. But who is anyone to bitch at others about things they can’t control? I acknowledge that being a white, hetero male is probably going to give me the upper hand in certain aspects of life. Am I ashamed of this? Fuck no, and fuck anyone who thinks I should be. That’s just how the cookie crumbles, and if you’re not ready to face that fact, you’re not ready to face reality.  But here’s one important point this girl and the folks who agree with her should keep in mind: just because *some* people may look at me in a more favorable light because of my race/gender/whatever, that does not necessitate that I am ALWAYS going to flourish where many minorities fail, nor does it mean that any success I *do* achieve was simply handed to me. Being white or black does NOT undermine one’s work ethic. Is it fair that some minorities find they have to put in exponentially more effort in order to get ahead in life? No. Do you have to suck it up and deal with it? Yes, at least for the time being. The cold, hard fact is, no matter how many misguided tumblr SJWs wag their fingers at people like me, it’s simply not a progressive solution to the problem. And no matter how much progress is made (and make no mistake that much HAS been made since the 1800s), the simple fact remains: As long as we are human, there will be inequality among us. One day, when the Hispanic population of the U.S. overshadows the white population, WE will be the minority, and you can be damn skippy that the tables of inequality will turn. Best any of us can do in life is make the most of the cards we were dealt and fight REAL, egregious cases of injustice wherever they pop up. Stop wagging your fucking fingers at people who’ve never actively done anything to harm others, simply because their skin color or genitalia are *passively* harming them. Such passive aggressive behavior generates more smoke than heat, and only serves to make people LESS sympathetic towards minorities’ plight. Methinks the PROGRESSIVE measure would be to attack the people who *give* people of their own race/gender/etc. special treatment, not the people who simply *receive* that treatment (whether they want it or not, or are AWARE that they’re getting it or not). I’m white. I’m male. I’m straight. I’m “cis”. You may tell me I have no right to take pride in any of these things, but nobody has the power to make me feel ashamed of any of these things. I am me, and you are you. Do anything to try and shame me for who I am, I will only laugh at you. Do anything to try and *change* my very character, and I will fucking end you. That is all. :)

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